Enter To Win: BEST Xcelsius Dashboard Awards for 2012

As Xcelsius dashboard usage continues to grow at a phenomenal rate so does the creativity, quality and sheer brilliance of the dashboards being developed.

IBIS 2012 at Dana Point, CA will be the venue for this year’s prestigious BEST Xcelsius Dashboard Awards. If you have designed, developed or deployed a dazzling Xcelsius dashboard with a compelling business usage and you would like to submit your dashboard for the awards, please submit your entry as follows :

Email a SWF of your dashboard in a disconnected format (data sanitized) to ibis@infosol.com

Provide a brief explanation of the reason the dashboard was created, what problem it solved or what benefit it brought.

All entries must be submitted prior to April 15, 2012 and winners will be notified by May 1.

Best Business Dashboard Award - 2011

There will be four categories of awards :

  • Best Business Dashboard
  • Most Innovative Dashboard
  • Most Valuable Dashboard
  • Most Inspired Dashboard

Last year’s one of the 4 awards, the “Best Business Dashboard” award went to Rural Metro Corporation for their Daily Business Insight dashboard which was developed to show daily insight into operational, billing and financial data from different systems delivered in a simple and effective way. Check out all of the IBIS 2011 Winners and IBIS 2010 Winners.

Good luck and may the best dashboards win!

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