IBIS 2012 Keynote to be delivered by Santiago Becerra

Santiago Becerra of MeLLmo joins our team of distinguished keynote speakers at IBIS 2012 Conference.

Santiago Becerra

Santiago Becerra, Sr. Co-Founder & CEO, brings more than 20 years of experience in software design and product development to MeLLmo. A Harvard MBA and former Booz Allen & Hamilton management consultant, Santiago is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in the software industry. He founded Infommersion, creator of Xcelsius ®, in 2002, which was acquired by Business Objects in 2005.

Santiago also founded Graphical Information Inc., a software company that was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 1998. Both acquisitions resulted in the successful integrations of the products into the acquirers’ business applications. With the launch of MeLLmo, Santiago’s goal is to reinvent the way individuals access, process, and utilize information on mobile devices.

“There have been two majorly inspiring and revolutionary solutions in the world of Business Intelligence in the last decade and one person, Santiago Becerra, has been behind both of them” said Paul Grill, President and CEO of InfoSol in a recent blog post.

Of course, we’re ecstatic to make this announcement.