Conversion of Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence

Intended Audience:

With the release of BI 4.0, there is no Desktop Intelligence™ reporting tool. This course is designed for those users who will now be responsible for converting the many current Desktop Intelligence™ Reports to Web Intelligence™ or Web Intelligence™ Rich Client Reports under the current release to prepare for a future migration to BI 4.x. This course includes content for versions XI R2 and 3.1.


• Previous training and experience with Desktop Intelligence™ Reporting.

• Experience with the Web Intelligence™ Reporting including Rich Client would be a major benefit to the attendee.


This 1-day interactive class is designed for users who are interested in understanding how to convert their Desktop Intelligence™ documents to Web Intelligence™ documents. Attendees will gain an understanding of the 5 key concepts necessary to convert documents successfully. Some of the topics covered include who, what, when, where and why to convert, the difference between Desktop Intelligence™ and Web Intelligence™ and Live Demonstrations of documents being converted. The course incorporates hands on exercises to reinforce the learning process for both the Web Intelligence™ Reporting Tool and the Conversion Tool. It will also include how to create conversion reports from the Conversion Universe for analysis.

June 10

Major Topics:

• Who can convert?

• What can be converted?

• What tool is needed to convert?

• Where does the conversion take place?

• Where are converted documents stored?

• When can you convert?

• When are the documents actually converted?

• Why do you need to convert?

• Developing a Plan for Conversion

• What are differences between XI R2 vs. 3.1 in conversion?

• An overview of Web Intelligence™

• Understanding the differences between Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence

• Problems that could occur during conversion

• Building conversion reports from the conversion universe

• Hands on workshops


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