Join us for 20-minute Demonstration and Interactive Sessions including the following prescheduled InfoBytes:

Mobile Dashboards

See a variety of solutions for dashboards on mobile devices.

PNG Image for Mobile

Inline HTML email rendering on mobile devices can be inconsistent. InfoBurst PNG Image format solves this issue.

Delivering Personalized, Offline Dashboards

Burst and deliver dashboards with personalized data for offline consumption.

Mixed Inline Content

Deliver variety of different reports in a single email message where content is rendered inline in the message.

Content Grouping

Use InfoBurst to group content from different reports (WebI, Crystal, SSRS, etc) into a single PDF or Excel file. Group by burst, bursting parameter value or email recipient.

Conditional Delivery

Deliver content only when conditions are right. Use conditions based on bursting values or data within a report.

XML Data Cache

See benefits of using XML Data Cache (XDC) to improve dashboard performance and security.

XML Data Cache with Cache Query

Using Cache Query to improve dashboard performance and leverage large caches of data.

Data Sources

Pull data from a variety of sources (database, Excel, etc) for report bursting, email delivery and dashboard data sourcing.

Split By Report Tab

Pick and choose which WebI report tabs are delivered. Deliver select tabs individually or combine selected content into a single file.

Macro Usage

Use InfoBurst macros to customize folder and file names and dynamically drive report parameters.


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