Inspired Business Intelligence 2.0


A completely new type of Executive seminar being offered at IBIS which consists of Inspired Business Intelligence solution case studies – presented and demonstrated by the people who created them.

This is true knowledge transfer at its best; sharing real life solutions with your peers and how they were conceived, designed, developed and deployed.


What makes an Inspired Business Intelligence Solution?


NuVasive’s Rapid, Zero Cost Approach to Deploying Xcelsius Dashboards on the iPad

The consumerization of IT is impacting many organizations. NuVasive’s IT department is no different and was recently charged with centralizing administration, application development and content creation for a company-wide iPad deployment.  As a consecutive project, the Business Intelligence team kicked off an initiative to create interactive, informative dashboards for the sales force in a very short timeframe, without any additional investments in software or development activities.

Learn how NuVasive leveraged its existing investment to rapidly deploy a high-impact personalized dashboard to each member of the NuVasive sales force.


Improving Customer Service through Self-Service BI

McKesson Specialty provides unique reporting and business intelligence services to large pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to have better insight into their drug prescription and fulfillment information. While the reports provided met some of the needs of one of their largest clients, there was a requirement for a solution to get more specific data in the hands of the individual sales representatives.  They needed a customized set of information sent to each representative presented in a user friendly and intuitive visual interface.

The challenge was both in the design of the interface and the automated mechanism to intelligently extract the right information and distribute it to the right individual.   See for yourself at IBIS 2012.


Vehicle Leasing Company Increases Efficiency by 88%

LeasePlan, an international fleet vehicle leasing company, needed a dedicated reporting group that spent many hours manually creating critical vehicle operation and cost analyses for their clients. One process consisted of running a series of reports, then cleansing, formatting and summarizing the data before inputting it into PowerPoint. Another process that typically took 5 hours to complete for each report involved manually compiling actual and anticipated vehicle costs into a spreadsheet template from multiple online and internal data sources.

With a steady influx of new business and a growing client base, it became clear that LeasePlan would not be able to support these processes with current staffing levels. Rather than increasing overhead, they decided to invest in technology that would increase efficiency while improving both employee and client satisfaction in the process.

This case study demonstrates how LeasePlan utilized InfoBurst and Xcelsius to eliminate nearly all manual effort,  reducing turnaround time from several days to just a few minutes.


Rent A Center Realizes Instant ROI

Rent A Center needed to streamline their store-specific reporting processes, delivering summarized daily sales data and detailed hierarchical reports to store managers nationally.  After an unsuccessful self-service model that required almost 4,000 frustrated managers to log on to a system and run their own reports on a daily basis, Rent A Center deployed an innovative push model to completely automate business intelligence report and dashboard distribution.

The solution was a resounding success and delivered an instant return on investment.


How Children’s Hospital Emergency Department Used BI to Reduce Patient Wait Time

With a Lean process improvement initiative in place since 2008 to reduce patient wait-times, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottowa, Canada needed to closely monitor and improve Key Performance Indicators in order to participate in provincial Pay-for-Results funding. This required comprehensive, analytical on-demand reporting as well as real-time departmental feedback to make staff accountable for identifying bottlenecks in the emergency department in order to respond quickly. By automatically populating a pre-defined Data Mart using Data Services extraction and transform routines, Business Intelligence query and dashboard tools provide up-to-date information and analysis for on-site and remote staff.

The dashboard has been so successful in improving KPIs and raising staff accountability that other areas of the hospital are looking to implement BI solutions to provide timely performance metrics and improve performance.


How BI Dashboards Enable Transparency and Improvements in Aluminium Company

Take an in-depth look at how an aluminum manufacturer in Oman is using BI dashboards to highlight key performance indicators and track progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Discussion points include changes in behavior that have been driven by dashboard implementation, lessons learned regarding what has improved, examples of quick solutions developed to address critical business needs and how good intentions are not always enough.

In addition, this case study will show the different Business Intelligence tools that have been used over the last year to enable greater transparency and improvements. Highlights include Xcelsius dashboards using automatic updates from multiple databases and write back features, Business Objects reports with Bursting, and automatic Email Notifications created for environmental, equipment, and database connection alerts.


Journey to Data Awareness and Business Insight for Emergency Services Company

From the establishment of core business metrics to the integration of multiple disparate data sources to the training of key power users, the achievement of business insight and analytics has been a journey for Rural/Metro Corporation.  With each step, new avenues of discovery and improvement lead Rural/Metro to explore new data sources and gain added intelligence to drive decisions – both in the office and in the field to affect the bottom line.

This case study will explore our use of the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite including tools such as Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, Data Integrator, Metadata Manager and InfoBurst to explore and join disparate data sources, build a solid data foundation, and deploy reports to SharePoint, email, and mobile devices while training newly established power users across the organization.


McKesson Revenue Management Solutions goes Mobile

Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) manages over $18b in medical claims each year on behalf of physician groups and medical schools throughout the US.   The physician billing information is processed on ten independent billing applications and consolidated into a single data warehouse for monitoring by McKesson operations and clients via Business Objects.    Client requests and the ability to provide a mobile solution appeared daunting.    Learn how RMS utilized Mellmo’s Roambi technology with the existing Business Objects solution to deliver a robust mobile solution in a matter of weeks.


BI Solution Brings New Insight at Freeport McMoRan

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (FCX) is the world’s largest publicly traded copper company mining geographically diverse, long-lived reserves of copper, gold and molybdenum. In order to obtain better insight into their sales and transportation business areas they commissioned  a study that identified 10 key performance indicators that were essential to their operation and embarked on a business intelligence project to track, report on and visualize these metrics.

Join this informative case study to see how FCX planned and executed this project, the different BI tools that were used, the challenges encountered and the visual results that helped the company to start asking the right questions.


FreshDirect Delivers

Learn how FreshDirect applies operational BI for real time analysis of logistics data. Using lightweight predictive analytics, FreshDirect applies SAP BusinessObjects, BI Dashboards, and geographic mash-ups to make real-time decisions with immediate impact to customer retention and satisfaction.


Automating and Turbo-charging Monthly Billing of Fleet Management Company

Arval UK is the leading vehicle fleet management company in the UK, managing over 135,000 vehicles, with around 1.1 million drivers using their fuel cards.  Arval provides services to organizations ranging from small businesses to large corporations, public sector and internationally managed contracts.  Their requirement to take a monthly Web Intelligence report of 22,000 customer invoices, to burst and deliver in PDF format to 22,000 distinct destinations in less than 8 hours, facilitated the need for an innovative solution. The current method for generating and distributing the month-end invoices was both labor and time intensive, consuming an entire weekend each month.

In addition to discussions around the usage of dashboards to monitor key metrics in their I.T. operation, this case study shows how Arval leveraged a combination of smart report bursting and publishing, along with some creative configuration to exceed expectations and reduce the time window to under four hours.

IBIS 2012 Agenda

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