XML Data Caching (XDC) Boot Camp

Intended Audience:

Individuals who are very familiar with Xcelsius 2008, have developed dashboards with multiple levels of complexities, and want to learn the concepts and techniques of connecting a dashboard to live data via InfoBurst, as well as the best practices for developing a connected Xcelsius dashboard using InfoBurst.


At least 4-6 months experience with Xcelsius 2008.


In this “heads down” track, users will learn the features of InfoBurst and XML Data Caching best practice to build an end-to-end Xcelsius dashboard powered by live enterprise data via InfoBurst. Upon completion of this boot camp, the attendee will be able to create connected Xcelsius dashboards using Xcelsius 2008 and InfoBurst Enterprise.

Day 1


Connected Dashboard and Best Practices

History and Overview of InfoBurst Enterprise

Best Practices in Using Webi, Excel, and Database Queries as Dashboard Data Sources with InfoBurst Enterprise

Common Issue with Built-in Xcelsius Connectivity Options – Case for InfoBurst

Overview of XML Data Caching

Overview of InfoBurst XDC Connectors

Connected Dashboard Approach – Where to Start?

Building Data Sources First or Xcelsius Visual Design?

How a Mockup Can Aid Data Source Development

Design Reviews vs. Data Reviews

Ensuring Connection Communication

Using Webi as an XML Data Source

Create Webi Report Data Source

Create XML Data Source Based on Webi Report

Connecting Webi Data in Xcelsius

Connect Data Using InfoBurst Cache Connectors

Day 2

Getting Dashboard Data Directly from a Database

Create Cache Queries Against Current Cache

Introduction to Crosstab Feature with Cache Connector

Connect to Dashboard using InfoBurst Cache Query Connectors

Using Parameters to Filter a Large Data Set

Expand Current XDC to Include Excel Data Source in InfoBurst

Connect External Excel File to Dashboard using InfoBurst Cache Connectors

Test Changes to Excel and Refresh XML File to View Changes in Dashboard

Using an External Excel Report as a Data Source

Overview on Refreshing Caches in IBE

Overview on Scheduling of the Refresh

Export Data to Excel from the Dashboard

Overview of Writeback Feature of InfoBurst

Preparing Dashboard for Data Input to Database using InfoBurst Writeback Connectors

Entering Data Through Dashboard and Querying the Data in Database

Day 3

Write Data Back to a Database Table from Xcelsius

Overview of Database Query Connector and Feature

Create Real Time Database Query on the Same Data Entered Through Writeback

Use Database Query Connector to Return Data to the Dashboard

Run Real Time Database Queries from the Dashboard

Add Crosstab Data to the Dashboard from the Cache using Crosstab Connector and Crosstab Flip Connector

Exploring Additional InfoBurst Connectors

Export to Excel From the Dashboard using the InfoBurst SaveAsExcel Connector

Discuss Cross Tab Builder and Cross Tab Flip

Discuss Connection Manager

Summary Best Practices

Guidelines to Choosing Data Source Type

XLF Design Layout Best Practices

Dashboard Delivery Options with InfoBurst

Summary Discussion – Open Questions


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