Xcelsius Beginner Boot Camp

Intended Audience:

Individuals who are new to Xcelsius 2008 and wish to learn basic concepts and theory. In this hands-on Bootcamp, also covered are beginning to intermediate techniques and best practices for developing an Xcelsius dashboard.


Experience in Microsoft Excel 2003 or greater.


In this “heads down” track, users will learn to build an end-to-end Xcelsius dashboard as well as useful Tips and Tricks. Upon completion of this boot camp, the attendee will be able to create dynamic Xcelsius dashboards using Xcelsius 2008.

Day 1

Introduction to Xcelsius

Brief History of Xcelsius
How Xcelsius Works Behind the Scenes
Overview of the Designer Canvas

Charts and Selectors

Review of Chart Components
Review of Chart Properties and Setting up Chart Values
Review of All Selector Components
Filtered Rows

Drilling Down with Xcelsius

Review How Drill Down Works with Components
Using Drill Down to Use Pie Chart as a Selector

Formatting and Alerts

Review Formatting Options on Charts and Selectors
Review Themes and Color Options
Review Alert Options on Charts and Selectors

Day 2

Tables, Gauges and Sliders for “What-If” Analysis

Review Advantages/Disadvantages of Tables
Using Tables for Troubleshooting
Review All Single Value Components
Examine “What-If” Analysis

Dynamic Visibility

Review How Dynamic Visibility Works
Review Methods of Using Dynamic Visibility

Hands-On Modules

Work at Your Own Pace on Hands-On Activities

What’s New in Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 4

Waterfall charts
Component Enhancement

Day 3

Explore Connectivity Options

Review Export Options
Discuss Connectivity Options
Live Office
Query as a Web Service (QaaWS)
InfoBurst Dash

Top 10 Best Practices

Design Considerations
The Most Used Formulas with Xcelsius
How Should I Lay Out My Data to Optimize Xcelsius Performance?

What’s New in Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 4 and 5?

Waterfall Charts
Component Enhancements

What’s New in Dashboard 4.0?

Query Browser
Component Enhancements


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