Web Intelligence Master Boot Camp

Intended Audience:

Individuals who have working experience with Web Intelligence 2.6, XI R2, XI 3.1 or BI 4.0 and want to learn more advanced techniques to solve real world issues.


Minimum 3 to 6 months Web Intelligence experience.


A deep dive boot camp which will allow attendees to experience real life Web Intelligence challenges. Attendees will be given examples of challenges which InfoSol gurus are faced with and then will work through the solutions which were developed to resolve the issues. At the end of this workshop, the student will have a more thorough understanding of the capabilities of Web Intelligence and will be able to apply their new knowledge to solve various reporting issues. An overview of Web Intelligence 4.0 will also be presented to teach new functionality included in the latest release.

Day 1

Queries & Data Providers

Populate Data Providers using:

Combined Queries
Query of a Query

Report Functions

Optional Calculation Function Operators
Creating Data Ranking
Advanced Calculation Context

Day 2

Report Techniques

Using Detail Objects to Display Data
Visual Tracking of Data Changes
Passing a Constant to a Document
Limiting the Number of Rows on a Page
Using Alerters to Sort Data
Grouping Data
Displaying Charts with Alerters
Retrieving Blanks or Nulls without Outer Joins

Day 3

How the Universe Designer Can Assist a Webi Developer

Pre-defined Conditions
Dummy Objects
Prompting for Section Breaks
Delegated Measures

Web Intelligence 4.0

Overview of the Re-designed User Interface
Explore New Data Source and Hierarchy Options
Examine New Functionality Offered in the Latest Release

Web Intelligence Master Wrap Up


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