BO Administration Boot Camp

Intended Audience:

Individuals with good knowledge and experience with the Business Objects platform who are looking to learn best practices for administering either their XI 3.1 and BI 4.0 deployment.


Experience in Business Objects usage and administration (XI R2 or higher).


In this hands-on boot camp, attendees will learn how to employ best practices for administering a BusinessObjects XI 3.1 and/or BI 4.0 deployment.

Day 1

BO Administration on BI 4.0

An overview of the main administrative changes between the XI 3.1 and BI 4.0 Business Objects platform. This will identify the major system changes between the two product versions and will feature an extensive review of the new Central Management Console (CMC) together with a review of the other key administrative tools.

Best Security Practices

A review of security changes that have been introduced as part of the BI 4.0 release and best practices in setting up an effective security model that is easy to maintain and flexible enough to accommodate the security needs of most organizations.

Uncovering the mysteries of the Repository

A detailed look at the repository at the heart of the Business Objects platform. The database schema will be discussed and the ability to use a SQL-like interrogation of the Repository using the Query Builder utility as an aid to system administration will be covered in detail.

Developing system utilities with the SDK

A high-level overview of the Business Objects SDK and identify the main components of the development model. Some example utilities will be reviewed in detail to enable those with a programming background with the ability to develop their own utilities to assist in system management.

Day 2


With the auditing subsystem, administrators are able to gain a clear understanding of what activities are being performed on the business intelligence platform. This session will review the changes within the auditing subsystem between the XI 3.1 and BI 4.0 releases as well as a detailed review of the audit database schema. Additionally, a sample universe (as well as some sample reports) will be used as a vehicle to develop a full understanding of the auditing subsystem.


A review the new system monitoring tools that are part of the new BI 4.0 platform. The new monitoring dashboard that is now integrated into the CMC will be investigated in detail and all components explored to enable attendees to develop their own monitoring strategy.

Third-Party Tools

A review of some administration tools developed by Business Objects partners with a particular emphasis on the ’360′ product range and the Version Manager. This will include tool demonstrations as well as any key feedback/best practices from use in the field as appropriate.

Best Practices in maintaining your current system

A look at best practices in maintaining your own operating environment including the performance of routine maintenance tasks, key system metrics that need to be monitored, and the development of an effective strategy for the implementation of patches, upgrades etc. Navigating the SAP BusinessObjects web site to gain access to key resources will also be discussed.

Day 3

Customizations & Performance

A review of the main areas of the system which can be customized to personalize it for your own environment. Additionally, the key considerations in setting up and maintaining a high-performing system will also be covered.

Working with BI Launchpad

The BI Launchpad replaces InfoView as the user interface delivered with the Business Objects BI 4.0 platform. This session will take a detailed look at the various customization and deployments options presented by BI Launchpad and will be supported by hand-on exercises allowing administrators to become familiar with the most important aspects of custom BI Launchpad development

Troubleshooting Issues on the platform

A look at best practices in analyzing issues which arise on the platform from time to time. This session will define a standard investigative process, working with blogs, SAP technical support and documentation

Customer Case Studies and Panel Discussion

Customers and BO Experts will present real life case studies of administration projects they have undertaken. This session will also serve as a vehicle for bringing up any issues that participants would wish to discuss with their peers.


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